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The Company

Gammaplast S.r.l. is specialized in plastic materials manufacturing and was founded in 1982. Its plant is situated in Castagnole delle Lanze near Asti.
Gammaplast products are marketed throughout the country and in the main European and non-European markets through dealers operating in the Automotive market.
From 2022 Gammaplast is part of the Holding Parts Group.

Our Main Products

coprisedili monouso

Seat Covers

Seat covers in polyethylene for complete protection of the seat during the stay in the workshop. Generic or customized printing according to customer requests.

Floor Mats

Floor Mats made of paper or polyethylene for the protection of the interior of the car. Generic or customized printing according to customer requests.

Fender Covers

Fender covers in polyethylene or magnetized PVC, ideal for use in the workshop. Generic or customized printing according to customer needs.

Tire Bags

Sicurgom tire bags in resistant polyethylene for the protection of tires and their storage. Generic or customized printing according to customer requests.

Shoppers and Bags

Reusable or biodegradable and compostable shoppers and bags with a shoulder strap or bean hole. Customized printing on both sides.

Body Shop Articles

Masking film in electrostatic polyethylene, wheel covers and protective rolls chariot. All you need for a body shop to offer efficiency, quality saving time and costs.


Dayblock Service Mini

The half panel Dayblock Service Mini with 15 blocks allows the immediate identification, even at a distance, of the processes and controls to be carried out on the cars and improves communication to the operators

telo coprisedile auto posteriore monouso


CTR Rear Seat Covers

The universal disposable CTR rear seat cover is made of white waterproof HDPE, prevents contamination by pathogens by covering the entire surface of the rear seats for a total protection.

Why choose

Market Leader

Gammaplast has been present on the automotive market since 1982 and, thanks to the quality of its products, the satisfaction of its prestigious customers and the ability to renew itself over the time, continues to be the leading company in the sector in Italy and outside the national borders.

Custom Print

All Gammaplast products are available in several versions: neutral without printing, generic with a special graphic to choose from, a slogan in the desired language and one/more car brands, or customized according to the requests, images and logos provided by the customer.

Quality and Certifications

The certifications achieved by Gammaplast underline the quality both in the management and production processes, and in the use of materials that promote the principles of sustainability and biodegradability because the quality of the environment and living spaces have always been indissoluble.

wide range and flexibility

Gammaplast offers a wide range of products for daily use for dealers, mechanical workshops, body shops, tire dealers but also spare parts dealers and operators in other sectors. The production can be on request too, depending on the needs of the end user, materials, formats and thicknesses.

research and innovation

Absolute quality and innovation in total respect for the environment. In order to achieve these results, Gammaplast continually invests in research and new technologies to improve production processes and update formulations under the scrutiny of the technicians of the internal R&D center.

Do you need our help?

If you have special requests or want to speak with one of our operators about the products, we will be happy to help you.

Some of our biggest customers

To allow operators in the sector to work calmly, without fear of damaging or dirtying car interiors, we have studied specific products.

HDPE Film for the masking of the car, wheel covers and rolls chariots allow easy, fast, time-saving and money-saving operations.

Sicurgom tire holders to allow professionals to store tires with ease and comfort ensuring total protection during the seasonal change.

We produce many types and different sizes of reusable or biodegradable & compostable bags, totally according to the law, customizable with the customer’s brands and logos.

Promotional Campaigns

In order to optimize the diffusion of your logo in the automotive sector, Gammaplast offers the opportunity to customize each product ensuring a secure image return for your company or promotional campaign.

Our Certifications

Quality Management System

"Ok Compost" Certificate

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