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The workshop, to gain the trust of its customers, should give good evidence of its internal organization, which will be able to perform the services with professional approach and in accordance with internal efficient procedures, capable of ensuring the effective implementation of operations.

To ensure a correct management and recognition of the cars in the garage, the internal organization system of each workshop should facilitate the flow through operational tools that can prevent misunderstandings and problems on executions to be carried out and to raise efficiencies to speed and make easy the various activities of the workshop.

DAY SERVICE BLOCK allows the immediate detection, even in a big place, of works and checks of the cars and improve communication to operators (operations on the engine, on the electrical system or body of the car), as well as the possibility to manage, by the use of different colors, interventions based on their priorities.

Composed by a round plate, with a compartment for the storing cars keys, with 30 multicolored blocks.

Available in two versions:
• Panel with magnetic Blocks. Provided by a strong magnetic anchor, can be put on the metal car parts.
• Panel with magnetic blocks with suction cup. Double universal anchorage system, very stable and with high tack, adapt to all types of surfaces: metal, aluminum, glass and composite materials

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