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Gammaplast S.r.l. is specialized in plastic materials manufacturing and was founded in 1979. Its plant is situated in Castagnole Lanze (Asti) near the highway “Autostrada A21”, covering a 12.000 square metres, 10.000 of which indoor area, the plant hosts the sales dept and administration dept, beside the whole production department, which includes the production chain and the warehouse for the stocking of goods

It is well known that mechanics, body workers, tyre dealers, because of their activity, are constantly in direct contact with cars oil and grease, so their hands and clothes could easily damage car interiors, causing accidentally permanent stains. 

GAMMAPLAST, taking care of this demand, studied proper polyethylene articles with the accurate aim to respond to car owners’ and workers’ needs, taking into account different factors such as cost and handiness of the products.

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Gammaplast products are commercialized on the whole national area and on the main european and extra european markets, both directly to customers and through big sellers, operating in the automotive market.

Seat covers

Steering Wheel

Fender Cover

Moto Saddle


Masking film

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Fabrizio Ferro

Quality manager

Andrea Rosso

Manager of management

Luisella Lazzarino

Commercial office

Cinzia Cerrina

Commercial office

Jessica Recupero

Commercial office

Guilermo Duarte Pivari

Commercial Brazil

Barbara Negro

Administration and accounting

Andrea Gagliardi

Administration and accounting

Giorgia Vezza

Graphic office

Silvia Todde

Graphic office

Ivan Alpiste

Purchasing office

Massimo Tarabra

Purchasing office

Michela Lazzarino

Parcel office

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