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Gammaplast produzione materie plastiche
Production of Plastic Materials

Dario Sacconiro

Sole Administrator

Our company philosophy, since 1979, provides the creation of products in extruded polyethylene blow molding films for applications in the packaging, industry (films, tubulars, single-fold, bags, sheets and shoppers) and in particular of the automotive, with a wide range of dedicated items.

Gammaplast thinks of the professionals who work with the cars proposing products for the care, maintenance and protection of the interior and exterior of the cars during their stay in the workshop or body shop.

The Castagnole Lanze plant, in the province of Asti, covers 12,000 square meters, of which 10,000 are covered, in which it houses both the administrative, commercial and graphic offices, and the entire industrial sector of which they are part, in addition to the production chain, the warehouse for storage of goods too.

Our Main Products

The Gammaplast products are marketed throughout the country and in the main European and extra-European markets through the most important retailers operating on the market.

Seat Covers

Seat covers in polyethylene for complete protection of the seat during the stay in the workshop. Generic or customized printing according to customer requests.

Floor Mats

Floor Mats made of paper or polyethylene for the protection of the interior of the car. Generic or customized printing according to customer requests.

Fender Covers

Fender covers in polyethylene or magnetized PVC, ideal for use in the workshop. Generic or customized printing according to customer needs.

Tire Bags

Sicurgom tire bags in resistant polyethylene for the protection of tires and their storage. Generic or customized printing according to customer requests.

Shoppers and Bags

Reusable or biodegradable and compostable shoppers and bags with a shoulder strap or bean hole. Customized printing on both sides.

Body Shop Articles

Masking film in electrostatic polyethylene, wheel covers and protective rolls chariot. All you need for a body shop to offer efficiency, quality saving time and costs.

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Federica Cappellozza

Sales Office

Guilermo Duarte Pivari

Abroad Sales Division

Andrea Gagliardi

Administration & Accounting

Giorgia Vezza

Graphic Office

Alessandro Lanaro

Graphic Office

Fabrizio Ferro

Controle & Quality Head

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