Gammaplast. Productions of plastics materials

It is well known that mechanics, body workers, tyre dealers, because of their activity, are constantly in direct contact with cars oil and grease, so their hands and clothes could easily damage car interiors, causing accidentally permanent stains. Modern cars are a real capital investment, equipped with expensive interior covers, that could be irreparably damaged by stains and that could be repaired or substituted at high costs.

As a matter of fact, there are two main demands: first, car owners would like that their car would be given back in perfect status after reparation, on the other side workers (maintenance or reparation) would like to work without worrying to damage while operating on cars, above providing a good image of their service.

Marchi automobilistici

GAMMAPLAST, taking care of this demand, studied proper polyethylene articles with the accurate aim to respond to car owners’ and workers’ needs, taking into account different factors such as cost and handiness of the products.

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